INTXN/Jordan 12

Elvis T. from Chicago contracted me to work on a very special Jordan. The rule was that I was to do something I have never done before. The Jordan 12 release date correlates to Jay-Z’s 1997 distribution deal with Def Jam Records. Following the death of Notorious B.I.G. he worked with P. Diddy to produce “In My Lifetime” and the record “Reasonable Doubt.” If you get a chance to catch these shoes in person you can notice the detail that acknowledges inspiration from Elvis himself, Jay-Z, Biggie, and Alexander Mc Queen. The conceptual approach includes undertones regarding these men’s work ethic and the theme, “Man or Machine.” As far as colorway, the shoe was created to match Elvis’ shirt and vest. He divulged that his fashion sense is all about making statements in a clean and classy manner. If I had one word to describe the work I did for him it would be “sculpture.” Everyone who is attending the Jay-Z concert on Thursday March 18th keep an eye out for Elvis in the double stretch black Hummer!

via: gocoveted


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