Oliberte Obida Chukka Boot

olibert obida chukka boot 1 Oliberte Obida Chukka Boot

Priding itself on its African manufacturing and its role in helping to develop a sustainable economic structure, Oliberté present a clean offering with their Obida chukka boot. Characteritzed by a streamline profile and wedge sole, the boot comes in different colors and materials including leather and suede. A more in-depth look as well as brand philosophy can be seen below. Available now at David Z.

Oliberté is the very first international footwear company to work exclusively in Africa making premium casual shoes. Presently building up operations in in Liberia and manufacturing and sourcing leather in Ethiopia, the company looks to work in over 10 African countries in the coming years. The shoes are currently being sold in Canada, USA, Europe, Japan and Australia.

“We don’t want another charity, we want jobs,” can be heard across Africa and it was this sentiment that inspired and led to the creation of Oliberté shoes.

“The only real way to alleviate poverty on this beautiful continent is to build a middle class with fair paying jobs. And if we can build a successful company that also helps build Africa, then maybe we can inspire others companies to follow suit,” says Founder and President, Tal Dehtiar.

By 2015, Oliberté’s vision is to be working in over 10 African countries, helping to build lasting change “The greatest feeling is not when people tell us that they love where our shoes are made, it’s when people tell us that they love our shoes. Because the only way this whole idea works, is if we continue to bring people a fashionable line of premium quality footwear.”

olibert obida chukka boot 2 Oliberte Obida Chukka Boot

olibert obida chukka boot 3 Oliberte Obida Chukka Boot

olibert obida chukka boot 4 Oliberte Obida Chukka Boot

Source: Ronnie Fieg

via: hypebeast

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