Oliberté – Spring/Summer 2010 Sneakers

Oliberté   Spring/Summer 2010 Sneakers

A well-known Chinese proverb goes, “Give a man fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This is definitely true for Canadian footwear label, Oliberté. The story of Oliberté didn’t begin from sneakers, but it started in a charitable spot, where the founder of Oliberté was working in a non-profit organization in Africa and got experience both the wonders and troughs of Africa. As such, the idea of taking care of the local people living in civil war torn Liberia and the second most populous nation in Africa, Ethiopia.

Oliberté differentiates itself from other footwear company as it sources its material and produces the footwear entirely in Africa. Natural rubber gathered by locals who were trained by Oliberté is sourced from Liberia, and leather comes from Ethiopia, where Oliberté’s also carries out their production. While this has worked out wonderfully in terms of both quality and construction, Oliberté is constantly seeking new premium material from other parts of Africa.

This season, Oliberté has released a wonderful line-up of sneakers, and amongst which include the recently popular Chukkah sneaker. For men’s there is the ADIBO “Grill” Chukkah Bootsin both premium smooth leather and blue suede, topped off on recycled crepe soles. For the ladies, a sleek HALACI in various colored premium leather and reinforced leather toe cap will be the great casual kicks for the weekend. Aside from the gender specific, Oliberté has also produced an ultra-soft unisex ROVIA with a supple sheep leather upper and goat leather lining that will conform quickly to your feet like gloves.

Check out the full Spring/Summer 2010 collection online at Oliberté and they are available at select retailers worldwide as well as online at the Oliberté shop.

Oliberté   Spring/Summer 2010 Sneakers

Oliberté   Spring/Summer 2010 Sneakers

Oliberté   Spring/Summer 2010 Sneakers

Oliberté   Spring/Summer 2010 Sneakers

via: Freshness Mag


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