Customizer/Collector of the Week: Not MIKE LOWRY…ERIC LOWRY

We ARE Chicago but we also show love to the Mid-West!  Eric Lowry is from Detroit and if you don’t know about the dude you better ask somebody.  He hopes his customizing efforts will land him collaborations with powerhouses like Nike, Adidas, New Balance or Vans.  I’m sure if he stays on the path it’ll only be a matter of time.  Keep doing your thing!

Follow him @EricMafuknLowry

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Keds On The Come-up

PR – The conservative sneakers are making a comeback as the company launches its first ever-clothing line in their 95-year history.

Keds made its debut in a collaboration with the retailer, Opening Ceremony in New York and Los Angeles, as well as on line, with the plan to roll the Keds line out to specialty stores and high-end department stores in the spring.

Don’t expect crazy designs or loud patterns and colors; in true Keds fashion, the line will be a perfect mix of preppy, sporty and classic.

The company says Keds is going to try hard to convince you that Keds are cool…

Would you rock it?!

Check them out at

Customizer/Collector of the week: DubStepSlap415

Few people can put up a 13 minute video and keep your attention.  Mr. Slappy has about 150 of them that’ll keep you busy.  From new pick-ups, to crazy designs he’s definitely an interesting character!

Check him out on Twitter


Or his YouTube Channel

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Nike “Always On” Chicago Event Recap


DJs, bloggers, artists, writers, producers, radio personalities, media and people who just act FLY for a living were hand selected by NIKE to experience something special over the weekend in Chicago. Hosted by B96’s J Niice, it was a peek into the NIKE world showing us the new Destroyer Jackets and the fresh for winter NIKE ACG Air Max Conquer Boots.

It went down at the NIKE headquarters in Downtown Chicago. We also got to see exclusive #AlwaysOn videos of skateboarder Timmy Johnson and dancer Leida (Lady Sol) Villegas who also manages Chicago’s Footworkingz.

Nike Sports Wear is gettin’ ready for a SERIOUS take takeover starting in Chicago! Get ready for it!

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